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Our Story

Our main intention to launch this website is to create awareness among people about cancer and how to deal with it in a positive way.

I had seen a case of my uncle who suffered from cancer, the situations he faced and tensions and fears he had at that time. Actually he is not aware of what cancer is, and he is suffering from cancer unknowingly. At that time he used to get pain under the heart but got medication for gastric problem. But it didn’t show any results. Later he went under various body checkups then he got to know him suffering from it. But luckily we met a best oncologist; she motivated and counselled my uncle. Then there is lot of change in uncle’s attitude. He got prepared for all type of medication and radiation therapies. He followed proper diet and exercise; it helped him very much so that he cured from cancer by god’s grace.

Why we are here?

“SWAPNIKA” gives people a way to share experiences with their illnesses using an easy to use timeline format. As a result, when people share their experiences they are catalogued and easy to find by others. We decided to choose this name for our website is because to say “Lead the life like a dream, dreams can be good or bad. We don’t think about bad dreams much, we just forget them after awhile but we recollect the good dreams and enjoy their essence.” So lead your life like a sweet dream.

Vision- Working together to create the best health systems in India. We are face-to-face counselling, support groups, educating about cancer and financial and co-payment assistance. We are committed to creating an environment where we are inspired to do our best work, feel valued and have an opportunity to make a difference. To enable a culture that fosters a sense of community, where we work together and support each other for a better future.

Achieving Personal Wellness with an Attitude of Gratitude

Part of the cancer journey is learning to thrive with tools like positivity, hope, and gratitude. Gratitude is a specific choice to change your perspective and view your situation with thankfulness and appreciation. A genuine feeling of thankfulness can be difficult when cancer comes into your life. However, for that Swapnika-Reha who has learned to embrace gratitude, it seems to lighten their load. Gratitude is a calculated choice to view your whole situation and decide to find joy throughout the struggle. It takes into account all things and brings the person out on top instead of bogged down with all the negatives.